Saturday, July 27, 2013

Evening Rays

As amazing as summer is, especially in Seattle, i can not wait for fall. I too live for cozy clothes and warm food, which may be a huge factor in my appreciation for this little city.

I'm back to craving black, maybe after seeing how i've infused my closet with so many light creamy colors.
I'm also trying to determine whether or not the dark denim available this fall is tip top on my want list because i've actually wanted the style for so long or if the brand stylists are just amazing at their jobs.... i may need to drop by H&M.

Top: Cheap Monday
Pants: Oak+Fort
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Jewelry: gift


  1. love the outfit the pants are so cute,


  2. I like your blog. I would love to take photos with you. Let's get together sometime. I met you on top of the parking garage on cap hill. Email me, 2066690887@txt.att.met


Thank you!