Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stayed Asleep Today

I'm so excited, i just enrolled in classes for fall at the University of Washington. And i'm also secretly excited that i might have to take one more class this summer to finish my AA.
Hit a brick wall there, finishing up part of my school career. I almost didn't know what to do with myself.

Why is it so hard to find high waisted shorts that don't play peek-a-boo bootie?

Cardigan: Seneca Rising
Hat: UO
Tank: American Apparel
Shorts: F21
Spankies: Only Hearts
Sandals: via Nordstrom... a few years ago
Bag: via Frenchy's Day Spa


  1. University of Washington. sounds amazing, good luck!

  2. look at all that beautiful hair!!! You are so gorgeous!! Good luck with school!

  3. Hi Andrea, you look lovely in this outfit! Love the shorts! Good luck with university and have a nice day :) By the way, you have a new follower ;)

    Quite A Looker

  4. thank you for your comment :) I have to say I admire your style ;) nice outfits! now following your lovely blog :)
    follow back?

  5. Nice shorts! I love them :D


  6. Good luck on your school career, I'm pretty sure you'll finish it with flying colors! Anyway, you look beautiful on this outfit! Love the hat :)

    Airish ♥


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